Secure Asset Import

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note: This method works for importing from the old PTS wallet v1.0.0.0. For those still holding balances in the older wallet v0.8.5.0, it is necessary to update to v1.0.0.0 (or to import the older wallet keys into the v1.0.0.0 wallet). Then begin the secure asset import method from the old v1.0.0.0 wallet to the new DPOS PTS wallet.

  1. Go to the old PTS wallet
    • Click on 'Receive'
    • Right-click to copy address from address book
  2. In PTS client (new)
    • Type the command "wallet_import_by_signedmsg ACCOUNT ADDRESS" (replace ACCOUNT with the account name to import to and ADDRESS with the address copied in step 1). (This will create the message output to sign in old PTS wallet)
    • You will see an 'Assert Exception' error. Do not panic. This error is not really an error. It is done by design to provide you a message. Take note of this message. Left-click and drag to highlight the required message and then right-click and select 'Copy' to copy the message output. This is shown in the screenshot.
  3. In old PTS wallet, sign a message to show prove you own the OLD PTS address
    • Paste same address from step 1 into first box
    • Go to File->Sign message
    • Paste your OLD PTS address in the address box.
    • Paste the copied message into the second box.
    For example: Transfer PqAsFDMXLPtnRvgctiR9hevWgHCNz1j1ed to PTS5HYEdiGwU2jktfkxqVhm5xj7pzD3q5MXE7J87pgrnZ85CZonJW
    • Sign and copy the generated signature
  4. In PTS client (new)
    • Type the command "wallet_import_by_signedmsg ACCOUNT ADDRESS SIGNATURE" (replace ACCOUNT and ADDRESS like in step 2 and SIGNATURE with the output of step 3).

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 for each receiving address