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Exporting PTS v1.0 wallet to New DPoS Wallet 2.0

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Hey everyone!

Is or has anyone worked up a quick tutorial for exporting from the old PTS PoW v1.0.0 wallet.dat to the new PTS DPoS .json wallet?

I've tried "dumpprivkey (address)" in the old wallet and getting error (code -4) while trying to extract the Private Keys.

You'd think after doing this +50 times I would have this down pat!! Obviously not  :P

Any help would be appreciated!!


--- Quote from: pc on December 10, 2014, 06:09:40 pm ---Secure genesis claims

It is now possible to claim genesis balances without importing private keys by means of the new "wallet_import_by_signedmsg" command. A description of the idea can be found here: http://pts.cubeconnex.com/index.php?topic=37.0 and a step-by-step explanation in our wiki: http://pts.cubeconnex.com/wiki/index.php?title=Secure_Asset_Import .

--- End quote ---

Thank you Mira,
Will try this out and update


--- Quote from: emailtooaj on December 16, 2014, 03:53:00 am ---Thank you Mira,
Will try this out and update

--- End quote ---

 :-[  Ok, so dumb me found out (rediscovered is more like it) that there's a "Import Keys from Wallet" function. LOL
After trying the steps you gave me earlier it didn't work for me for some reason??? So I'll list what I did to get this to work for me...

1) Did one last "Fresh" back up of the old PTS v1.0.0 wallet.dat (*make sure to open the old wallet to verify all is good before going any further)
2) Download and installed the new PTS v2.0 DPoS wallet
3) Once installed and new wallet opens you see the "Welcome" screen
4) Click and check the "I Agree" box
5) When prompted to "Enter New Wallet Password" I entered my OLD password I used for the old PTS v1.0.0 wallet.
6) Once the wallet enters into the GUI, click on "My Accounts" in the menu on the left side
7) Then click "Create New Account" located at the top right of "My Accounts" page and then enter your Username of choice ( I used "emailtooaj" of course  :P)
8-) Once the account is created, you'll then see your Icon and Name listed, then click on your username. This will bring up the account overview page.
9) Click on the "Keys" tab
10) Then click the "Import Keys from Wallet" tab (about mid page)
11) Click "Select File.." and navigate to where your old PTS v.1.0 wallet.dat is located
12) Enter your Password that was used from the OLD PTS wallet
13) Click "Import Wallet"
14) BOOM!! All balances should get imported in and showing correctly (I know mine did)

Hope this helps others Ok!!

BTW...Wallet looks GREAT and is working like a charm so far!!!!

So glad it worked out  :D


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