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Where to keep my PTS


I have some PTS in my local wallet. I recently bought a load more on bter. Does anyone have any words of wisdom about where I should keep them?

* Leave them as they are - some on bter, some in local wallet
* Move them all to bter
* Move them all to local wallet
I'm trying to weigh up the pros and cons. I think I'm going to hold my PTS for now, but I don't really know what's on the horizon and what's likely to happen with the price. If I keep them on bter they are easier to sell in an 'emergency'.
Will it matter where they are when it comes to moving over to DPOS? As far as I can tell it'll be done from a snapshot, and bter are normally pretty good with this. There has been talk of using a burn address though.
The frequency of block production seems to be a problem...

Maybe it doesn't make much difference?...

Has anyone here already been through the process of making this decision?

No decision has been made yet. I think the most likely assumption is that there will be a snapshot, and no burning.

It really shouldn't make a difference where your PTS are. Since this move to DPOS is supposed to be an upgrade to the existing PTS, all exchanges *should* simply switch their backend to the new client and nobody should notice.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should
a) make sure that you'll be able to run the new client yourself (for example by building the client for our current test network), and
b) move your PTS to your own wallet.
This way you have everything under your own control.

Anyway, there's no need to hurry until we've announced when and how the move to DPOS will happen.

Thanks pc - I'm learning! ;)


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