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Re: Gross overlooking of key aspect of RPM.
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Something else I think you're overlooking is that you don't have to launch silver and gold on the same day as RPM. Trading won't start until enough delegates are publishing feeds for the asset, and they can wait to publish feeds until the price of RPM has stabilized on an external exchange (the exchange could be bter, poloniex, or BTS). I do think you should try to get at least one centralized exchange to list it, because that will significantly increase its exposure. If you only list it on BTS, RPM would probably just end up being sort of a permanent subsidiary of BTS.

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I hear your points and really can't say I particularly disagree with any of them.

I just do not want to rely on a centralized exchange. I would like to think of them as being secondary but at some point I have to stop holding the amount of escrow that would accumulate. Likely I would require having someone outside the country do it also as I am not sure about the laws. <wink>

Even better is BitShares gets their UIA tokens on a dex exchange working and we go there.

I could also make a 2 headed exchange and have the same service running on NXT's DEX. Not sure about the exchanges that sit on top of bitcoin. Honestly I'm scared to even mess with it but in theory as long as people are comfortable with me as escrow there are multiple options. At some point I would accumulate too much escrow though and we'd be no better off .. While I think it is reasonable to trust the developer for this at the start, it can really only work in bootstrap phases.

What is better, NXT asset exchange or bter?  Would the Chinese like RPMs?

I think Nxt is actually a pretty good idea! Tell them you're a bitshares competitor and they'll love you, lol. The Nxt asset exchange is pretty well-used, and there's precedent for people listing coins there through gateways.

Bter would probably reach a wider audience than Nxt, and in general probably more volume and liquidity, but that doesn't make it necessarily better.

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