Author Topic: A new brand for a shiny new PTS  (Read 8990 times)


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Re: A new brand for a shiny new PTS
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No cutsey stuff.....Money is  serious business and people will not take a doge approach seriously. If I am not mistaken Doge was supposed to be a joke initially.
PTS needs to be positioned as a secure stable investment product...earns you pieces of multiple businesses (smack me if I get some of this wrong, I am relativly new to it)
The upgrades need to be clearer and all software especially gui's rdy to go when released. Most investors are not software gurus and cli only software is a turnoff. I realize this
whole thing is new and cutting edge..that is just where it needs to go, smooth,polished and plug-n-play with no complicated processes.

Well said.  But do you know we have a easy-to-use, simple, graphical, grandma-useable Windows GUI wallet?  It is certainly not cli-only software.
I was going by a statement that the GUI was still in development for version 2.0 Windows version makes most happy....just not the linux crowd. I am getting lazy and a GUI is easier